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Top 10 Female Secrets (You Must Know About Female Secrets )


The gynecologists say they are countless times when women are visited in their clinics anxious about something they learned or heard and respect their sexual health. Most of these times, their information is completely incorrect. We sought, therefore, in terms of some of the most important gynecologists in the world on the sensitive area of ​​women and for matters most women are embarrassed or reluctant to ask. The answers will surprise you and in any case will help you learn very significantly feminine secrets.




1st Secret: The contraceptives cause a decrease in sexual desire. ‘’


If your sexual urges are getting something out of it began to use "the pill", this is not a figment of your imagination. It's 100% true that the contraceptive may reduce sexual desire in many women. This, indeed, does not apply only to women of reproductive age, but also to those passed menopause and use contraceptives to regulate symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings.


What you can do to recover your drives? Try changing pills brand if you do not see the difference consider whether to use another method of contraception (condoms or spiral). Otherwise, talk to your doctor and ask them to find you some other solution.


2nd Secret: To reduce some side effects of contraceptives-including naftias- place vaginally.


To insert the vaginal pill not harmful, experts say, and indeed can be very effective, especially if you suffer from nausea and vomiting because of him. This "secret" was published, at the Israeli research in the journal Contraception . According to the survey, doctors compared two groups of women who used the pill each other in one and not the other way and the result showed that many placed it vaginally had less nausea, dizziness, headaches, breast tenderness, menstrual pain and stomach disorders than others, who were taking orally.


3rd Secret: Migraines can increase your sexual desire and orgasms to stop headaches and menstrual pain.


Can sex be the last thing on your mind when you have a headache, but you do not be surprised if the drives you increase the time you catch a migraine or a little before that. Doctors are not yet sure why this happens. According to surveys, however, probably has to do with the increase of serotonin , a chemical in the brain that may be associated with sexual desire.


Furthermore, recent studies have shown that more than 20% of women, an orgasm can stop a migraine coming directly relieving pain. And not only. Other doctors argue that orgasm can help and period pains, perhaps due to the release of biochemical flood the body and relax the uterus, relieving pain.


4th Secret: Avoiding sex subsequent times will be more painful.


Many women think that if they abstained from sex for a while, leaving their vagina to "rest", this will act as an antidote to painful sex. Experts say, however, that in reality the exact opposite. As the saying goes "If you leave, to leave." Pausing for a while sex and starting it again after some time may prove difficult, both physically and psychologically, for the desire.


Simultaneously, however, the pain at the time of contact is not normal. It may simply occur because your partner does not excite you enough, but also because of hormonal disorders that cause vaginal dryness (either breastfeeding or menopause). In these cases a few drops of lubricant or an estrogen cream is what you need to decrease the discomfort of painful intercourse. If, again, your problem is the stimulation it is advisable to discuss with your partner and perhaps increase the preliminaries.


5th Secret: It's easier to stick a sexually transmitted disease if you have sex during your period.


It can when you have sex during your period is unlikely to become pregnant, but it is very likely to stick an infection. The reason? These changes in the balance of acid and alkaline components of the vagina during the period facilitate the proliferation of bacteria. Normally the vagina is acute (a condition that prevents bacterial growth). But the blood greatly increases the pH of the vagina, turning it into a more alkaline environment. So, if you are not 100% sure that your partner is healthy, use a condom.


6th Secret: Wearing cotton underwear and changing them into a detergent for your clothes helps to reduce the risk of sinusitis.

These are not "remedies" of our mothers, but for a great truth. The vaginosis is vaginal irritation that can cause excessive vaginal discharges, burning and itching. Wearing cotton underwear and using a different detergent they can reduce the risk of sinusitis. Another way to avoid it is by using scented soaps, deodorants for sensitive area or other products on the bay where you -panta- the doctor tells you. If you do not see any improvement after these changes in your health you may need to follow a medical treatment.


7th Secret: How to reduce the risk of toxic syndrome because of tampons?


The potentially deadly infection known as toxic shock pad, unfortunately still affects many women. According to the obstetrician-surgeon Mr. Evangelos Gikontis, some of the symptoms of the syndrome is "multiorgan failure, hypotension, acute fever, headache, mental confusion, diffuse erythematous rash, subcutaneous edema, nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhea, pharyngitis, and marked haemoconcentration. " The way to avoid this is the correct use of tampons, changing it every 4-6 hours maximum, while the safest prevention is the use of external pads in the early days of the period, and the period of sleep.


8th Secret: Avoid the use of tampons to protect against incontinence.


Because the pad is placed in the vagina carries, inter alia, pressure in the urethra, can function as a sort of "plug" and thus prevent incontinence or secretion of other liquids. Doctors say that there is no problem if you use this method once in a while (eg if you have incontinence during exercise), but you should not overdo it and you should remove the tampon as soon as you finish your workout. A pad in a dry bay can cause irritations and infections later. Incontinence or "leaks" of the Gulf prefer a very thin absorbent pad, which is clearly safer.


9th Secret: Sexual intercourse can increase candida symptoms but oral sex might.


Studies of the University of Michigan showed that men generally do not carry the fungal infection in a woman during sex. The risk, however, be (re) acquired a female fungi appears to be associated with something else, perhaps with the immune response of a woman in fungi. Interestingly, however, caused another result of research: Women who accept oral sex seemed to suffer more from fungi at bay than others avoid it, regardless of whether their partner had or had fungi in the mouth.


This of course does not necessarily mean that oral sex is causing the problem, but if a woman often has symptoms of mucositis may thereby increase the risk. Other causes which may cause mucositis, one of the most common diseases in women today are hormonal disorders, elevated blood sugar levels, some antibiotics, contraceptives or even stress.


10th Secret: The stench of the vulva (resembling urine smell) may not be due even in urine, but to perspiration -and there is anything we can do about it.


Because the secretions of sweat glands are more or less the same components with those of urine occurs many women who sweat too suffer from this odor of urine in the vagina or in the pants. But before you reach the conclusion that you have incontinence problem, first try to make a few washes the sensitive area with a special mild soap and water and place after a special powder-talc-based corn starch, can absorb moisture. Avoid also the nylon underwear and pantyhose, which tend to keep the heat and increase perspiration. If after that the smell persists, then you should talk to your doctor.

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