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Until now the choices we as men on contraception is limited. Condoms, vasectomy or abstinence. Indeed, the use of condoms is the most prevalent method, with most men prefer than the other two. Moreover, easy to use, painlessly and widely available. However no one can promise that this method is perfect. There is always the chance of something going wrong, as with all methods. The contraceptive pill, then, may revolutionize the space, although at present there are several "obstacles" in the manufacture and disposal of pharmaceutical companies.



Most of the first efforts to create a "male pill", based on the use of testosterone to be "fooled" the brain regarding functions associated with sperm production. This method has failed since hormonal therapy is not effective to all men. More recent studies have shown that there is still a hormone that controls the production of sperm and lies in women: prolactin. Therefore, to operate the integrated method of contraception, should together with pills or injections of testosterone men to get together and pills to control prolaktinis- sizable commitment especially for younger men.



Progress so far in this area seems to be good. The pill had minimal side effects where tested, the most important weight gain. The men who participated in the experiments, fully regained their number of spermatozoa shortly after stopping use and "rescued" and many of the side effects experienced by women with the same pill. (Thrombosis, nausea, migraine and dizziness) The cost now estimated to be very low and similar to that of female contraceptives (about 22 € a month). Generally, this method of hormonal contraception will end up being much cheaper than even the use of condoms. These were ... good news. Unfortunately, the obstacles is much more ...



Hormonal differences between men, but also the fact that there might be variation in dosage will make these pills available only on prescription. That would be quite inconvenient and time consuming for most men. Also, relevant research done several women expressed doubts about whether the men will be consistent in taking the pill. In a global survey, however, 2/3 of men surveyed say they would normally taking the pill if it were available on the market. In clinical research has been a 20-30% who did not respond to the effects of the pill and unfortunately the researchers were not able to predict or correct this problem, so it is obvious that the pill will not "catch" all men.



In December 2006 the Organon and Bayer Schering Pharma AG (two of the most active pharmaceutical companies in the sector), announced the discontinuation of their joint research program. The reason? They agreed that the final product will probably not be taken for daily use. The fact remains that several pharmaceutical companies believe that there is no demand for a hormonal male contraceptive pill. Therefore, few have shown keen interest to fund research for such a pill, as if wanting ensure first that part of their expenses will be amortized from product sales. The first tentative steps were taken, from then time will tell ...

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