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Contraception is not enough, but must also be done correctly. For the enjoyment in love. To avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Fattens the pill? How effective is the spiral? Kills condom pleasure? How implement contraception doctor after the event, after a critical intercourse? Fear of pregnancy will go off once and for all when the time the female condom in Greece?



Few reliable methods


Methods of contraception are many, but few are as reliable. That in no way is a method of contraception but "solution" of last resort is the abortion except psychological and social inhibitions can give birth to the woman and health risks (sterilization, stop time, endometriosis etc.) Modern woman has the right to joy of love, may choose the contraceptive protection method that suits.


What are the pros and cons of each method

Coitus interruptus:


Apply abundantly by couples but not recommended because it has very high failure rates (15-30%) and also reduces sexual pleasure to the point where the woman does not reach orgasm. There may be premature ejaculation outside the vagina and pregnant wife.


Scheduled coitus:

Another method to high failure rate (15-30%). The woman knows that ovulation is half the cycle of 28 days, ie the 14th day. There has, therefore, contacts 5 days before and 5 days after tricky this day. The cycle, however, rarely works "clock" and anything can happen, and even unwanted pregnancies when they are fixed.


Thermometric method:


The failure rate is 2-3%. The woman then every morning the temperature. On the day of ovulation the temperature will rise by half a degree and the woman will therefore avoid contact. Method creates frustration and permanent dependence on ... thermometer, without ever desired contraceptive effect.




The method is recommended because it is safe and also leaves "free" his wife two years after being placed in the uterus, the gynecologist. The failure rate is 2-3% and the only downside of the spiral is that some organizations do not accept it, so the doctor will remove it immediately. The spiral can be removed from the gynecologist at any time the woman decides to stop contraception.




Recommended not only safe method of contraception but as a shield against the AIDS. Its advantages are many: it excludes the risk of premature ejaculation is not borne by the female organism with substances, prevents contamination risks while not "kill" the enjoyment of love, as in coitus interruptus. Indeed, now commercially extremely thin condoms do not decrease as the older, sexual pleasure.


Contraceptive Pill:


With zero failure rate (0.2-0.5%), the pill is administered by the gynecologist to new, on, women who do not smoke, after examination of the vagina situation, Pap smear, culture, blood tests. The novel contraceptive pills contain fewer hormones, are more secure and does not cause side effects. Myth that the pill necessarily entails an increase in weight of the woman. The young girl who watches her diet, you may not get fat at all when you get contraceptives. But when the pill combined with cigarette may even cause thromboembolic events. Therefore smokers, attention.


Sterilization of women:


In a manner laparoscopic surgical or put out of the tubes. The result is not necessarily permanent and function of the fallopian tubes can be restored to some extent.


Neutering the male or vasectomy:


Methodology applied extensively in America and in no way implies a loss of virility but man's thought through product had children and now wants to enjoy fearlessly love with his partner.


Female Condom:


The new contraception. It looks like the male condom. Rubber cover that comes as a curve of the bay and cover the inside, preventing the entry of sperm into the cervix. The woman puts immediately before and immediately after removing the sexual act. The female condom is in the research stage and has not yet come to Greece.


Postcoital contraception:


And the careless, there is hope. After an unprotected intercourse or when there are strong suspicions that precautions failed, the woman can avoid abortion, provided refuge within 3/1 24hours at the gynecologist. The doctor will give oral contraceptives or intramuscular injection within the first hours after the suspicious intercourse, preventing the start of an unwanted pregnancy. The key is to immediately run the woman doctor.



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