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When do People Fall in Love



When you fall in love, the hormones in your body exhibit noticeable changes. In men, the hormone testosterone include increased aggression and libido decreases. Unlike women, testosterone usually found at low levels and is responsible for the sex drive of women increases.


In both sexes increased significantly cortisone which is eminently stress hormone.


The fact that testosterone is reduced in males and increased in females, interpreted by researchers as an effort of nature to reduce the differences between the two. Reducing disparities contribute to the establishment of close and strong relationships between lovers.


In surveys Romance examining the activation of neural circuits in the brain, it seemed that there inactivation of those circuits associated with the criticism towards other people and society in general.


Hormonal changes and deactivation of criticism of the brain, helping to shape better and closer relations in love couple.


It is also known that love blinded by their love and do not see mistakes or imperfections favorite or their favorite.


These conclusions result from the discovery of Italian researchers about changes in testosterone in both sexes during sex. The investigation examined hormone levels in 12 men and 12 women, who said they were in love for six months.


Results from 24 Romance compared with the corresponding results from 24 other men and women who were either themselves or were stable long-term relationships.


Some scientists, expressing criticism of the findings and conclusions of Italian researchers, indicate that changes testosterone observed, likely due to intense sexual activity. About indicate that the period of love accompanied by intense, frequent sex.


The Italian researchers but ruled out this possibility, because the people who were in the group of 24 who are not in love phase, had similar sexual activity. Besides, previous studies have shown men that intense and frequent sex increases testosterone in the blood.


Unfortunately, as we know, the happiness of the original love does not last forever. In the same way they appear hormonal changes at the beginning of love, disappear when passing from one to two years.


Italian researchers measured testosterone levels in couples in love from one to two years after the beginning of their love and found that testosterone returned to normal levels.


So we see that what for centuries people knew that our love doing strange and crazy things, now explained by hormonal changes and modifications of brain activity.


These findings have several implications. Originally allow us to better understand what happens inside us when we beat love. At the same time, some doctors see here an opportunity for therapeutic interventions in people who have difficulties to enter into sexual relationships or even to have a satisfying sex life.


This course is premature based on scientific evidence available today. But undoubtedly, the research of this sector still has much to tell us which will be useful both for our understanding of psychology and behavior, but also for therapeutic purposes.

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