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Giving up smoking: Action plan in 3 Steps 1

"From tomorrow pluck." How many times have you give a promise to yourself and how many times you get back? Every time pant to climb a ladder, whenever it hurts neck, whenever we compare the strengths and our physical condition to those of non-smokers and found inadequate, thinking back. Whether to stay or such place is purely a matter of will -Ok, and any relevant organization of an effective plan.


To be clear, to avoid any misunderstanding, that there is only one thing that we consider more important than safeguarding the health and other benefits of quitting, and that is the freedom of personal choice. Under no circumstances will try to convince someone to quit smoking, if it has not decided himself. We are not here to make anti-smoking campaign, also do not believe that there is currently even a man on the entire planet who does not know the harmful effects of smoking.


Experts agree that the decision to discontinue taken by the smoker when he really felt the desire for this change, feel that threatened by the habit of cigarette he and those close to him, believe that the withdrawal from nicotine will bring significant benefits to him and feel able to cope with this change. Simply put, this means that the decision is in our minds and there must be hatched. Any attempt influenced by ephemeral fashions and prohibitions, if not apparent from our will is doomed to fail.


So if you take your decisions, the driver may find the following tips will help you make them. If you do not feel confident that you want to stop smoking, you can always keep it for future use.


Step One: The decision by the first day without tobacco


Communicate the decision to the friendly and your family environment. Get practical support, delegating to someone close your face the difficult task of your target reminder and health benefits stop whenever you feel a strong desire for a cigarette. Ask also from friends and family not to smoke in front of you as possible and not to leave cigarettes around you.


- Set a specific date at 2-3 weeks from the time you get the decision on which will start up.


Make sure this time does not coincide with difficulties and worries, as in this case it will be easier to get carried away. Try the weeks involved, to gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke.


Set a specific timetable, which will not be too tight nor too short in duration. Allow time "error" seriously calculate the probability succumb to desire and do not get frustrated if you do not succeed the first three days. Keep trying. Few are those who are doing the former.


Step Two: The early days to stop smoking


  • Avoid the principle factors that cause mood for smoking such as coffee, alcohol, late nights, fights etc. Consume abundant dairy products, fruits and vegetables, the taste has been shown in research that reduces both the desire and the very flavor of the cigarette if eventually succumb to temptation.
  •  "Fill" in the early days with hobbies you enjoy, while you keep busy, to not ever think how much you would like to smoke. Also, Blow your irritation to intense activity, making for example a sports, walking or a bike ride.
  •  Avoid "passive" activities which you combine your mind with smoking, such as television, browsing magazines or surfing the internet.
  •  Sleep more than they used to. The body -and the Spirit you exhausted from smokefree and need more rest. Besides, the hours you sleep are times that you do not think how you would like a cigarette.
  •  Drink more water. It eliminates toxins that have accumulated in your body from smoking faster, while reducing your desire to smoke.
  •  Try to spend as many hours of the day in places where smoking is not allowed, such as libraries and museums. If you go out for coffee
  •  and if the rest of the gang does not smoke or is corresponding period diakopis- sit on the side of non-smokers.
  •  Mind your hands. As funny as it sounds, smoking is habit hands. Holding your hand anything-from a pen to a kompoloi- essentially "outsmart" your body accustomed to do the movements of smoking mechanically.
  •  Get up immediately from the table just eat and brush your teeth or take a walk, not to be tempted of the most tempting cigarette, what follows eating.
  •  Try to resist the temptation to "just one" cigarette -is more than certain that after that you tricked more.
  • Do not be too hard on yourself if he does not manage to resist this "one and only" cigarette. Do you, though, and very relaxed with yourself in the same situation. Do not think that is "having succumbed, let him smoke the whole pack." Remember that you must return to your goal just after the "sin" of a cigarette and consider it as a small parenthesis, a lost battle after which you defragment your strengths and you will win the war.


Step Three: The next few days


  • If you feel that the lack of nicotine makes you irritable, or if the first few days have not been able to not smoke, despite all efforts, try using nicotine substitutes, such as patches or gum Nicorette. For milder cases, even simple chewing can help psychological addiction but unfortunately not to that of nicotine.
  • Try acupuncture. This is a natural method of withdrawal from nicotine, painless and harmless. With one to five visits reduces the intensity of symptoms such as mental stress, anxiety, depression, tension and feeling of emptiness (lack) induced after cessation of long-term use of an addictive substance. Studies have even shown that acupuncture increases the need for positive action, creates vitality and fertility and helps the mind to think clearly and to control desire.
  • Reward yourself for each day without a cigarette. A good idea in this direction is to use the money you save by quitting -90 euros per month or 1080 euros per year, assuming that you smoke a pack a day-to buy something that you like long or make a journey.
  • Consider consult a dietician and follow a first months feeding program, as the majority of smokers presents snacking trends to "fill" the hours spent smoking, concluding with several extra pounds within a few months.



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